Paid GM Services

I offer a few different types of services. I’m a very flexible game master both with genres and systems, so unlike many other GMs I don’t limit my services to D&D. Prices vary based on the amount of original content created and the number of players. My portfolio of work can be found on my about page. As a queer and genderqueer creator, I emphasize inclusivity and diversity in my games, which hopefully makes you more comfortable!

Campaign Game Mastering

  • The traditional tabletop RPG experience, we meet weekly or bi-weekly to engage in a continuing adventure. Preparation includes a session zero, where we’ll discuss the social contract, expectations, etc… Services are charged based on hours of prep, the amount of original content generated, and number of players. The typical session time is 3 hours.

One-shot Game Mastering

  • Have a bunch of friends that you want to play with, but can’t commit to a campaign? Want to celebrate someone’s birthday but can’t have a traditional party? Then a One-shot might be for you! Typically more quickly paced and wacky than your average campaign, One-shots are a great way to try new systems, new characters, and new genres. Services are charged based on hours of prep, amount of original content generated, and number of players. The typical session time is 4 hours.

GM Prep Writing/Designing

  • Love running games but don’t have time to prepare for your next session? Need a special weapon homebrewed or monster tweaked? I’ll collaborate with you to create content that is perfect for your game! Services are charged based on hours worked.

GM Consultation

  • Your players drive your adventure in a completely unexpected direction? Running into slog every combat session? Not sure the best way to finish your story? Hop on a call and we’ll work together to push that boulder up the hill! Services charged based on hours worked, with a one-hour standard.

TTRPG Editing

  • Need your playtest draft touched up before you share it? Passionate but not sure if your words are clear enough? I offer proofreading, copyediting, and strucural edits. Your project remains yours, I’m just here to make it as readable as possible! For a recent illustration of my editing work, here’s an original draft of a tabletop rpg and here’s the revised draft I turned in after about five hours of work.

Systems I have experience with: D&D 4th Edition, D&D 5th Edition, Gumshoe, FATE, World of Darkness

I typically run games in my homebrew world of Almeria, which is a post-war, post-imperial, post-diaspora world. It’s designed to feel a little more modern and vastly more diverse than your average Fantasy-Land games. For most one-shots, we’ll run in Fantasy-Land which is a generic and nebulous world where whatever players say goes in terms of world-building. For specific settings, like the Forgotten Realms or Dark Sun, I may need extra prep-time to familiarize myself with the world.

I have a few types of GMing I haven’t tried, but would love to! Reach out for any type of collaboration or commission.

  • RPGs for kids! Not only are RPGs a great way to cultivate the imagination of children, it can also be used as a tool to teach social skills, problem-solving, and even fiction writing.
  • RPGs as therapy! While I’m not a licensed therapist, I’m actively engaged in the field of mental health because of my own neuro-divergences and those of my family and friends. I’ve been fascinated by the small field of RPGs as a tool for therapy and I think there’s a real place for it in the landscape.
  • RPGs as team-building exercises! Anyone who has played an rpg knows that collaboration is key to success, but how do you foster that teamwork beyond the bare minimum? I have no idea, but I’m curious to find out!
  • One on One games! D&D is designed to be a multiplayer game, but solo campaigns have been a part of its legacy since the Gygaxian era. I’d love to experience this much more intimate and collaborative type of gaming.

For questions/inquiries, email Expect a response within 24 hours. For other types of writing and editing services, check out my freelance services!