My first time being a game master was with the system Gumshoe and it was a game loosely based on Marble Hornets, but it eventually transitioned to a more generically supernatural horror game with the players getting trapped in a haunted hospital. After that I ran a game based on one of my favorite books, John Dies at the End, which was an almost scriptless game. It was a mess, but it was fun for the two sessions it lasted.

After this, I got into The Adventure Zone and Matt Colville’s Running the Game series, and I’ve run D&D ever since. My first adventure was a one-shot in a tomb that ended in an anti-climatic battle for an artifact that had possessed one of the players. Since then I’ve adapted and run the 4e adventure The Sunless Citadel and Escape from the Cult of the Reptile God for multiple groups. After a break, I came back with a revamp of the 2e adventure The Tower of Midnight, for which I took the opportunity to create a random character generator and used it to create a racially, romantically, and personally diverse cast of npcs. Some of that campaign is documented in the episodes of the podcast.

After that adventure completed, the party was shaken up and I introduced them to the city of Beacon, that I based on the map for Daggerford. The relation basically ends there, as it is a city complete with dozens of establishments, npcs, and built-in hooks/politics. After some interlude sessions, the players moved onto what was intended to be a world-shaking adventure called The Fate of Preacher Mitchum, but this was cut short due to personal issues.

In terms of homebrew, I started with crafting the Rogue subclass of Arcane Gunslinger to utilize Auto-wands, my version of a magic gun essentially. Since then I’ve gone on to write a guide to Lycanthropy, start an expansive guide to owning/training creature companions, and develop a 50-room dungeon called The Tomb of Terrors.

The Tomb of Terrors borrows a bunch of rooms from the Tomb of Horrors and the Tomb of Annihilation, but also has a fair share of unique rooms that I’m proud of. The in-fiction story is that Alphonse the Wyrd is jealous of other wizards having more famous dungeons, so he summons random heroes from across the plane-scape to run through his randomized dungeon. I created it for a birthday party of mine and the whole thing was random, from the characters played to the rooms chosen to the loot gained. It was a ton of fun and I look forward to developing it more with time.

Other Projects

I came out as Non-binary earlier this year, and to assist with that process I wrote A Guide to (My) Non-binary Identity

For my world of Almeria, I created a non-eurocentric system for using real-world languages as D&D languages.

I wrote a short essay on Decolonizing D&D based on an episode of the podcast Behold Her.

I created a robust randomized D&D character generator, which I can’t share, but I can share my Character Appearance Tables!

Here’s some of the fiction I’ve written: A short story about one of my favorite characters from my campaign last year, a fanfic based on the video game Darkest Dungeon, and a bit of fiction for a flashback during a different D&D campaign.

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