Crack Open the Codex!

The Game Master Codex is a podcast journaling my personal path to be a better Game Master. Walking the line between a campaign diary and an advice show, each entry illustrates the thought process behind the session I presented to my players and how I reacted to their decisions. The Game Master Codex will be released in “seasons,” with each season being one adventure of the campaign.

Who Am I?

I’ve been playing rpgs and GMing for years now. I first started out in the Gumshoe system, but was quickly inspired to try my hand at D&D thanks to The Adventure Zone. I’m a writer and a jack-of-all-trades nerd, so I bring a lot of disciplines into my games. I’m also a neuro-divergent queer & genderqueer feminist, so diversity and inclusivity are key parts of not only how I run my game, but my game worlds themselves. My favorite D&D monster is the Flail Snail. Obviously.